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Born in 1970. Lives in Horazdovice, married, yet without kids. Photographing since 1993.

At the begining was climbing influencing his lifestyle and philosophy. Desire to explore things from the inside has been gradualy fulfilled by means of exploring things beyond his birthplace. Traveling on your own brings great quantity of moments which fight for place in your heart and memory. And so to photography as a companion, which can remember most things while your head stays clear, was just a tiny step.

Loneliness, new situations, step forward in direction where all man has in front of himself is a blind map, brings sensational parallels, when staying with locals in jungle of Siberut Island becomes psychologicaly and physicaly comparable with climbing up kilometre high granite wall El Capital in Yosemite, California.

The world is great and every creature living in it is unique. For Josef Chalupny is the main purpose of reportage photography showing the world as it realy is, brigning human stories and destinies, caught in single fleeting moment. With respect to work of many other personalities like James Nachtway, Sebastiao Salgado or Philips Jones Griffiths, finds his own way between photographing traveller and travelling photographer.

Josef Chalupny externaly worked with magazines Instinkt, Montana, Koktejl, MF Dnes and Denik
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